Thursday, 27 May 2010

A dash of colour

A single page horror.

A bit of colour

A coloured sample page for a project that has been on the cards for a while

Greta layouts

Storyboarded pencils of a book I am working on with Wynn Ryder. Was lucky enough to see the finished pencils of this strip at the weekend. They are beautiful and filthy in equal measure

Batman thumbs

A couple of pages of storyboards for Grant to get his teeth into

Seventh Son

Samples of my most recent work, art by me and story and cover by Grant Margetts. A complete 24 page comic coming later this year from Scar Comics.

Madam Samurai

The latest graphic novel release from Scar Comics, MADAM SAMURAI by the award winning creative team of Gary Young (Harry Brown) and David Hitchcock (Springheeled Jack), is now available.

New Projects - Madam Samurai

With my Publisher hat on a book I am very proud of!

Three Little Witches

Kempble and Faraday's Nieces get cuted up


A noirish strip from Dead By Dawn


A one pager from He bought me a soda and he tried to molest me in a parking lot Vol.1

Kempble and Faraday Meet The Zombies

Even Kempble and Faraday get in on a bit of living dead fun. More to come from these girls in the following months.

Zombies...Will They Never Die!!

Another twisted tale of love from Dead By Dawn 4

Zombies...Got to love them

A strip I did for Dead By Dawn

From the beginning (well kind of)

Sindee Virtue was a character of mine that appeared in all four issues of Naked Magazine and briefly in Dead By Dawn